Israel Event Planning

Event Registration

• Event registration must be done through specific platforms; Google Forms via your board Google account or Typeform.

• If your event involves food, the registration form should include a “dietary restrictions” question

• Each registration form must feature the following section:

By checking this box, I am agreeing to have my photograph taken and to being recorded in connection with my participation in the [EVENT NAME] on [DATE], and I permit Birthright Israel to use any such photographs and video/audio recordings featuring me for purposes of promoting the Birthright Israel Excel program and for all other uses related to its organizational mission.

Work with Vendors

• For every expense over 2,500 NIS – we must submit a protocol including three quotes

• Tax: as Birthright is a non-profit organization, each purchase that may be considered as a “gift” (flowers to a speaker, chocolates to a community member or a fruit tray to a board member), will have a 90% tax addition to the final amount

• VAT: when you receive a quote from a supplier, you MUST ask if the price includes VAT or not.

• Shotef + 30: let the supplier know this is Birthright’s payment system

• We will not pay the full amount before the product/service is provided (down payments are possible)

• In order to transfer the payment, we must receive an invoice from the vendor

• Petty cash: two important notes –
a. You cannot exceed 500 NIS in one purchase
b. You must keep the original receipt and hand it to us

Things to consider for your event

• All food must be kosher

• Graphic design

• Event promotion

• Photographer

• Feedback form

• Nametags