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Ways to Get Involved in the Community

Annual Global Summit

Apply to be a Summit Chair! Three Summit Chairs are selected every 2 years to curate and support the planning and content of the annual summit in NYC. For more information, please contact Naama, or Jackie.

Identify Potential Keynote Speakers: We are always looking for exciting speakers to headline our summit! If you have any ideas or connections, we’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to your Summit Chairs or Naama/Jackie to discuss further.

Volunteer to lead a session on a topic of your choosing: Every year, our summit consists of fellow-led sessions on topics relating to your industry/expertise, as well as sessions on any other areas of interest! If you’d like to get involved, please reach out to the Summit Chairs.

Attend the annual Summit in NYC! Summit registration opens several months before the start of the event. Register early to take advantage of our early bird rates!
As a reminder, the newest cohort attends the Summit at no cost, with hotel accommodations covered by Excel.
For all Excel Fellows: Book your travel following the Excel Summit booking guidelines and be reimbursed up to $500 (depends on method of transportation, location, and purchase date)
While hotel accommodations are not covered for 2011-2019 cohorts, we will have a block of rooms available to Excelers – please reach out for further information.
For any questions related to logistics of travel and registration, please reach out to Naama, or Jackie.

Global Leadership Board

a community board led by, and consisting of, Excel Fellows

Apply for a position on the board! Board terms are 2 years long. Half of the roles are up for election every year (with applications opening in June/July). The 2021-2022 Board Roles:

Chair: Leads Excel’s Leadership Board and empowers all board members to spearhead initiatives designed to help Fellows achieve their professional and personal dreams
Manage & collaborate cross functionally across all areas and with all Board Chairs Work strategically with Excel fellows, staff, donors, & Leadership Forum to build our 25+ year vision
Participate in the semi-annual Leadership Forum

Vice Chair: Assists in leading Excel’s Leadership Board and supports the Chair and Board Members in driving initiatives across the entire global community
Share people & organizational management with Chair; work alongside fellows, staff, donors, and other stakeholders
Own special projects as they arise

Board Manager: Supports the execution of board initiatives, including partnering with board members on plans and timelines Maintain ownership of board administrative tools (events calendar, Google Drive files, email lists, project planning tools, etc.) Identify opportunities for operational efficiency of the board and transparency with the community Implement process improvement initiatives

Communications: Develops and executes communication strategies to build the international reputation of Excel Synthesize Excel’s voices into a single unified mission and vision that can easily be communicated internally and externally Streamline and filter staff and board communications with the broader community Identify emerging opportunities to showcase Excel fellows’ talents and help them gain increased visibility in their careers

Finance: Oversees Excel’s emerging finances across budget planning, reporting, programming, and expense management Works closely with board members and staff to build semi-annual bottoms up budgets Tracks expenses and other relevant KPIs throughout the year and implements new tools to improve efficiencies Handle reimbursement infrastructure for the community Perfect for an individual with quantitative and analytical skills to own a finance organization; recommended 2+ years of work experience, familiarity with Microsoft Excel, and ability to collaborate with CFO of Birthright and Excel staff

Philanthropy: Directs Excel’s broad philanthropic and social impact strategy to develop a culture of giving and volunteerism Drive targeted community-wide social impact initiatives and collaborate with City Captains to ensure unified philanthropy/volunteer/social impact Partner with fellow non-profit organizations to broaden our reach and impact Lead Excel’s micro-grant giving program that empowers fellows to create and implement specific grants

Professional Development: Builds new resources for Excel fellows throughout the many phases of their professional careers (internships, career switches, advanced degrees, company formation, etc.) Proactively runs developmental programs for Excel fellows (Mentorship Program, Excel Ambassadors, Jobs Platform) Be a resource for Excelers advancing in their careers and support LinkedIn bio creation Manages Industry Captains and supports their events/initiatives; collaborates with other Chairs and Staff to spread the word and sort out any logistics Perfect for individuals passionate about learning, career development, and Excel

Social: Leads social programming within the community Manages City Captains and helps execute local and community-wide events, including Shabbats, wine nights, trivia nights, holiday gatherings, etc. Meets quarterly with each City Captain to discuss events planned and encourage activity.

Global: Leads all community programming outside of North America/Israel Collaborates with Social Chairs, City Captains, Professional Development Chairs, Philanthropy Chairs, and Excel staff to plan and execute global programming both virtually and in-person

Partnerships (NEW): Collaborates with other Board Chairs and external companies/non-profits to establish partnerships that support the personal and professional advancement of Excel Fellows

Jewish and Israel Engagement: Leads and launches all community programming relating to Judaism, Jewish studies, and Israel. Social and enrichment events (ex: Jewish cooking classes, Book Club, Shabbat dinners) Leads holiday programming (ex: Matzah Pizza Party, Resources for High Holidays)

Business Development: Launches initiatives within the community relating to business, finance, etc. Identifies opportunities for collaboration within the community (ex: launching an Excel Syndicate) Leads Shabbat dinners with work initiative

Public Relations: Supports fellow Board Chairs with P.R. across various platforms, establishes best practices, and launches special projects designed to showcase Excel Fellows’ achievements (ex: Podcast led by current chair, Nathan Resnick)

Recruitment: Leads recruitment efforts at colleges/universities in North America and abroad, supporting Excel staff to help grow reach at target schools and expand at ones where Excel may lack a presence. Works directly with Sharon Prince (Recruiting), Cathy Israelevitz (Marketing), and Bradley Freeman (Recruiting Advisor, Excel 2016)

Engagement (NEW): Drives engagement within the community, specifically targeting those who may be less involved Reaches out to Excel Fellows who may be less involved to find out why this is the case, what we can improve upon Encourages fellows to take a more active role in the community by discussing the opportunities available to them as Excel Fellows

Development Chair (NEW): Leads fundraising for Excel, identifies potential donors and partners, and launches initiatives within the community

City Captains

representatives in cities with 5+ Excel Fellows that lead local social and professional development programming

Become a City Captain! Interested in leading events in your city? City Captains work with the Board’s Social Chairs to plan local events (anything from Shabbat dinners to coffee chats to workshops and panels). City Captains can serve for up to 2 years, and applications open in early fall to fill any openings.

Not a City Captain but want to plan an event in your city? Reach out to your city’s representative(s) or the current Social Chairs with any ideas

Attend events in your city: Join your city’s Excel WhatsApp group to stay up-to-date on all local events! Events will also be advertised in the weekly newsletters as well as in the community Facebook group. Check out the 2021-22 City Captains and feel free to contact them directly for more info or to join a WhatsApp group!

Any further questions? Reach out to the current Social Chairs or Naama. We’d be happy to connect you to other Excel Fellows in your city!

Industry Groups / Captains

Excel Fellows who lead industry-specific professional development programming both virtually and in-person

Become an Industry Captain! Please reach out to the current Professional Development Chair with any inquiries related to becoming an Industry Captain

Join an Industry Group WhatsApp chat and attend events: Join an industry group of interest to connect with other fellows in your space and learn about upcoming events! Events will also be promoted in Excel’s weekly newsletters and Facebook group.

Cohort Captains

NEW this year, cohort captains represent their respective cohorts and help drive engagement

Become a Cohort Captain! Please reach out to the Engagement Chair with any questions or to apply!

Excel Recruitment

help identify and interview future Excel Fellows for acceptance into the program

Host an informational session! Volunteer to host an info session in your city and help recruit potential applicants for the new Excel cohort. Reach out to Sharon Prince (Director of Recruitment) or the current Recruitment Chair

Conduct first round interviews for applicants – interested in interviewing potential Excelers? Excelers a few years post-grad may reach out to Sharon Prince or the current Recruitment Chair for more details

Attend Events

a. Stay up-to-date on all community-wide events via the Excel Facebook Group and weekly newsletter

b. For smaller, in-person gatherings, join your city’s WhatsApp group for all the latest events and updates (see City Captain info above)

c. Join an industry group for events relevant to your area of expertise or interest (see Industry Group info above)

d. Specific events and initiatives to be announced as the year progresses, but please reach out to the Chair, Vice Chair, Naama, or Jackie if you have any ideas for programming you’d like to see.