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Reimbursement Protocols

Global Community

For expenses pre-approved by Excel Fellow Leadership & Staff, please submit for reimbursement via this link. Please be sure to fill out the form and upload the relevant receipts and information. If you have more than two receipts, feel free to email them directly to Adam Pukier and Naama Shaham for processing.

If you are not a Board Member, City Captain, Industry Captain, or Cohort Captain and are planning an Excel gathering, please reach out to Adam Pukier and Naama Shaham for approval at least a week prior to the event. $20-25/person is standard, however other amounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Note that generally, an event must have at least 5 Excelers in attendance to qualify for reimbursement. If you do not let us know of the proposed event in advance, we cannot guarantee reimbursement.

Israeli Community

Reimbursement protocols are relevant only for Israeli Board Members and Industry Captains.

As part of your event planning, you may use petty cash for small purchases under the following conditions:
1. Each purchase must be approved by Hagar Gavish
2. You must keep the original receipt and submit it to Hagar Gavish in order to be reimbursed via PayBox
3. Your purchase cannot exceed 500 NIS