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Philanthropy and Social Impact

Giving Circles

Every year, the Board’s Philanthropy Chair leads this initiative designed to pool resources and donate to a good cause. To get involved with your cohort’s giving circle, please reach out to the Philanthropy Chair.

Volunteer Day

Several times throughout the year, Excel organizes in-person Volunteer Days. Interested in learning more or helping plan this? Reach out to the Philanthropy Chair or your City Captain.

Apply for a microgrant!

If you are working on a project related to Jewish Community, Israel, Israel & Business, or a different Social Impact initiative, apply for a microgrant! Excel offers grants ranging from $500 to $2000 to support these projects. Previous initiatives included: Establishing a financial literacy course for elementary/middle school students in Toronto, and teaching students in Malaysia about different cultures through cooking. Apply via the Grants application or reach out to the current Philanthropy Chair, Naama, or Jackie with any questions.

Global Microgrant Applications can be found here